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Published on enero 23rd, 2013 | by Angelfire


21 libros gratuitos para crear una experiencia de usuario (UX) excepcional

21 libros gratuitos para entender el concepto de Experiencia de Usuario (UX). Ayudará a los diseñadores a crear una mejor experiencia y mejorar la usabilidad.

  1. Mental Models in Human-Computer Interaction: Research Issues About What the User of Software Knows – John M. Carroll and Judith Reitman Olson
  2. HCI Models, Theories and Frameworks: Toward a Multi-disciplinary Science – John M. Carroll
  3.  Search User Interfaces – Marti A. Hearst
  4. Designing Interfaces – Jenifer Tidwell (solo patrones)
  5. Designing Mobile Interfaces – Steven Hoober and Eric Berkman
  6. Web Style Guide – Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton
  7. Just Ask: Integrating Accessibility Throughout Design – Shawn Henry
  8. Building accessible websites – Joe Clark
  9. The Fable of the User-Centered Designer – David Travis
  10. Converting The Believers – usereffect
  11. Elements of psychology – Henry N. Day
  12. Learning, Remembering, Believing: Enhancing Human Performance – Daniel Druckman and Robert A. Bjork
  13. Psychology and Industrial Efficiency – Hugo Münsterberg
  14. Getting Real – 37 Signals
  15. Time Management for Creative People – Mark McGuinness
  16. Designing for the web – Five Simple Steps
  17. Taking your talent to the web – Jeffrey Zeldman
  18. CSS Cookbook
  19. Knock Knock – Seth Godin
  20. Head First HTML with CSS & XHTML – Elisabeth Freeman, Eric Freeman
  21. UX Storytellers – Jan Jursa

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